Tomasz Ratajczyk

Certified translator and interpreter of Polish (no. TP/80/15)

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Certified translator and interpreter of Polish

Why I do it

Because being a freelance certified translator and interpreter of Polish gives me real joy, money and I cannot imagine having another job. The sense of duty to the ones I help and the awareness that my work effectively serves communication between real people and Polish authorities is the most important to me.

What besides translations

After hours you may find me at a boxing training or running in the woods, and on weekends on a mountain trail or bike. My Sunday ritual is a book (work unrelated necessarily 😉) in one hand and a strong black espresso in another. I like to live by the rule Do something new everyday and prefer to spend my time and money on experiencing rather than possessing. 

Who I am and what I do

I am a certified translator and interpreter of Polish. I have a master degree in English and law awarded by the University of Wrocław. I do written certified translations and interpreting mostly for B2B and public sector.

How I got here

As an English student I have always been more attracted to translations than teaching, and studying law, honestly, has been utterly dull mostly due to a very theoretical programme that unfortunately is still taught in Poland (the student’s task is to learn by heart as many legal provisions from various acts as possible – not quite fun, right? 😉). Nonetheless I think that throughout the years of my education and work both in the legal and linguistic field I have developed quite an expertise in the translation of legal and court documents.

Certified translator and interpreter of Polish

Wanna ask me about translation? Go ahead, it costs nothing.

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