Certified Polish Translations

unofficially also known as sworn translations

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Polish certified translations

What is a certified translation in Poland?

The certified translation, unofficially also called a sworn translation, is a document issued by a certified translator which contains her signature and seal, as well as the following certification clause I hereby certify the conformity of the above translation with the original document in the Polish language or a similar one, as the case may be. The sworn translation also has to contain i.a. the number it was registered under in the certified translator’s repertory (an official record of translations), as well as the place and date of its drafting. You can find more information on the formal requirements of certified translations in Poland at the website of the Ministry of Justice here. The sworn translation in Poland is equally valid as its underlying source document.

Phone & Email Availability

If you want to translate your document with my help, it is best to call or write me and ask about my workload and possible deadline. I am available during business days at least until 4 p.m. If I cannot talk due to e.g. a court interpretation appointment, I always try to call back.

Translations from Scans and Hardcopies

You can send me your documents for translation both by email and post. Let me know if you need your translations in hardcopy or only in a digital format.

Linguistic & Legal Expertise

Thanks to my education and experience both in the legal and linguistic field I have acquired a quite thorough understanding of the legal Polish and English language. This is really helpful in my daily work as a Polish Certified Translator.

Why you may need certified Polish translations?

Certified Polish translations may be required e.g. in court or administrative proceedings for evidence purposes or to ensure your right to be heard stemming from a Latin law principle Audi alteram partem and guaranteed by Article 45 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. Certified translations are usually ordered by parties to proceedings who wish to use them as evidence in court.

What documents do I usually translate and who are my Clients?

Majority of translations I do is for international entities engaged in doing business in Poland or in court proceedings before Polish courts. My frequent clients are also Polish authorities like prosecutor’s office, the Police and courts of various level.

In my daily work I often come across business and civil law texts, as well as family and criminal law related documents. Some examples are:

  • Articles of Association
  • bank statements
  • bills of indictment
  • business register records
  • certificates
  • contracts

  • court decisions
  • last wills & testaments
  • European Arrest Warrants (EAW)
  • insurance policies
  • legal instructions
  • notarial deeds

  • notifications
  • pleadings
  • statements of claim
  • summonses
  • tax statements
  • vital statistics records

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