Terms and Conditions




1.1. Initial Provisions

1.1.1. We want to ensure the proper provision of our Services that is why you need to use electronic system with at least: Internet access, individual e-mail account, correct configuration of internet browser.

1.1.2. It is forbidden to deliver illegal content to the Website.

1.1.3. In order to start using the Services available via the Website, you need to read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

1.1.4. This Terms and Conditions sets out the types, scope and terms of providing services via the Site.

1.1.5. We provide the Services by electronic means in accordance with this Terms and Conditions.

1.1.6. This Terms and Conditions include the provisions relating to your rights and obligations for all services provided via the Website.

1.1.7. It is forbidden to place in the Quote Form any content which is illegal according to the laws of the country the Service is requested from or to the international law, which violates the rights or interests of third parties, which incites racial, ethnic or religious hatred or promotes violence. We may refuse a request for Service which includes such contents.

1.2. Definitions

1.2.1. Service Provider – Tłumacz Przysięgły Języka Angielskiego – Tomasz Ratajczyk with its registered office and contact address at: ul. Rodzynkowa 14/7, 54-054 Wroclaw Poland, having its NIP (Tax. Id. No.) 8971737457.

1.2.2. Terms and Conditions – the terms and conditions set forth herein.

1.2.3. The Website – our website available at www.translatorofpolish.com or any other continuation or supplement to this URL, as well as any one that may replace it.

1.2.4. Service – all services including but not limited to translation, proofreading of a translation, proofreading of a finished text provided by us performed through the internet.

1.2.5. User – an Internet user owning an account on the Site, and/or ordering a Service without registering at the Website.

1.2.6. Quote Form – the form located on the Website, through which User can request a quote.

1.2.7. Payment Gateway – PayU headquartered at ul. Grunwaldzka 182, 60-166 Poznan Poland or  PayPal headquartered at 2211 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95131, USA.

1.2.8. Business Hours – 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Polish time.

1.2.9. Electronic Address – any marking of a Teleinformation System that enables communication by means of electronic communication, in by particular email.

1.2.10. Teleinformation System – a set of co-operating information devices and software ensuring processing and saving, and also transmitting and collecting of data within telecommunications networks by means of a terminal appropriate for the kind of the given network.

1.2.11. Providing Services by Electronic Means – such way of rendering a Service, which comprises transmitting and collecting data by means of Teleinformation Systems, at your individual request, without you and us being simultaneously present, while the data are transmitted through public networks.

1.2.12. Electronic Means – technical measures, including teleinformation equipment and software tools co-operating with it, enabling individual distant communication by using data transmission between Teleinformation Systems, in particular email.

1.2.13. Account – part of the Website available for you after correct signing in.

1.2.14. Privacy Policy – the document specifying the conditions of personal data processing and protection.

1.2.15. Working Day – all days excluded weekends and Polish public holidays.



2.1. When requesting a quote, you agree to your data being processed for the purpose of providing the Service and to receive further information about the Services offered by us.

2.2. When completing the Quote Form, you declare that the information you give is true and complete and that you have read and accepted this Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

2.3. After receiving your Quote From, we specify the price of the Service and the deadline for its completion promptly in email response sent to your email address.

2.4. Unless otherwise agreed, price for the Service is payable in advance via Payment Gateway accessible from the email response sent to your email address.

2.5. We issue invoices only in an electronic form.



3.1. By checking the right box in the Website, while registering the account or submitting the Quote from you:

3.1.1. acknowledge reading the Terms and Conditions;

3.1.2.accept or refuse to accept our processing of your personal information for the purposes and in the scope specified in Privacy Policy;

3.1.3. accept or refuse to accept our processing of your personal information for the purposes of the performance of Services;

3.1.4. accept or refuse to accept our processing of your personal information for marketing purposes.

3.2. All the data provided by you have to be true and authentic.

3.3. We store and process your data in personal data digital database. The database has been registered in the register kept by Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.



4.1. It is not possible to control the functioning and availability of the Internet because it is dependent on various parties.

4.2. Digital communication is vulnerable to third parties` influence.

4.3. We always do our best to ensure a safe and unhindered functioning of the Website but we are unable to eliminate the risk of it being affected by third parties.

4.4. Main threats pertaining to the use of the services provided by electronic means are: trojan horses, computer viruses and SPAM. It is in your interest to install and update the appropriate software protecting your systems against the threats arising from the use of the services provided by electronic means.



5.1. In case you are not satisfied with our Service, you can raise a complaint in 14 days after its completion.

5.2. If you do not accept the Service, you can request a re-edition of the text by contacting us at info@translatorofpolish.com providing the relevant order number. If you reject the Service without a reason within 14 days upon the completion of the Service, it is treated as accepted.

5.3. We will consider your complaint within 14 days upon its submission.

5.4. We will refund the price you have paid for the affected Services if:

5.4.1. we do not deliver the Service after 4 Working Days from the deadline. No refund will be made if you have not provided us all required information promptly as we requested;

5.4.2. If we agree a monetary refund, it will be 100% of the price paid for the affected Services, and only if you complete the following actions and conditions in 10 Working Days after our answer to your complaint: we receive the refund request at info@translatorofpolish.com (phone calls are not sufficient) and it includes: order number, date of Quote, your business name, name and surname the invoice was billed to, as well as your e-mail address that you have included in the Quote From; where applicable, you have clearly explained why any rectifications proposed by us would not be effective; you endorse a declaration that clearly states that you will not use the relevant Services delivered by us in part or in whole either for personal, business, commercial or any other purposes;

5.4.3. We will do our best to refund you the price in 5 Working Days after you fulfil all relevant conditions above but it may take up to 2 weeks to complete it. We will inform you as we find out  whether a refund is necessary. If we decide that the refund request meets the requirements of this policy, we will notify you via email and will inform you about the payment method that will be used.

5.4.4. If you order a service as a natural person not running a business and you make payment and receive the service in the specified deadline, it means we have fully performed the service and the right to withdraw from the contract is not possible to exercise any more.

5.4.5. If you order a service as a natural person not running a business, you may withdraw from the contract in 14 days without specifying a justification, however you will be charged for the part of the service already performed. In such a case, you will be entitled to receive that part of the service. You may withdraw from the contract in any moment until you receive the service in the specified deadline.

5.4.6. Natural person running a business ordering a service for the purposes of their business activity may not withdraw from the contract without specifying a justification and with no monetary consequences.



6.1. We do not bear any responsibility for the unavailability of the Website and/or for the cessation of the provision of services by electronic means resulting from the event beyond our control.

6.2. We reserve a  right to a short technical break in the running of the Website in the case of a scheduled, current servicing and maintenance of Website`s server and software.

6.3. We may add functionalities to the Website or remove them at any time.

6.4. We do our best to ensure full technical functionality of the Website but necessary maintenance work or other unexpected difficulties may limit the functionality or availability of the Website. Such circumstances could lead to data loss. For this reason, we cannot guarantee full availability of the Website, the absence of technical errors or complete protection against the loss of data.

6.5. We are liable only up to the value of relevant order pursuant to which the claims may arise.

6.6. We are not liable for the outcomes of the use of the information at the Website.

6.7. We are also not liable for:

6.7.1. any losses suffered by third parties resulting from the use of our Services incompliant with this Terms and Conditions or with the law. In such a case, your liability toward third parties is subject to the general provisions of the law;

6.7.2. the information and content that you download and send via the Internet;

6.7.3. the loss of data resulting from external reasons (e.g. network, hardware or software failures) or from other circumstances beyond our control (third parties` conduct);

6.7.4. losses resulting from the disruption in the provision of Services cause by your deliberate conduct;

6.7.5. losses resulting from the circumstances for which we cannot be held liable (e.g. force majeure, actions and omissions of third parties, your actions or actions for which you bear liability);

6.7.6. outcomes of your providing a false or incomplete data while registering;

6.7.7. profit lost by you as a result of our incomplete or failed performance of an obligation.



7.1. Copyrights to the Website content are our property and are legally protected. It is forbidden to use, multiply, copy or record any part thereof without our prior written consent

7.2. You may not:

7.2.1. transfer the Website access data to third parties;

7.2.2. record or multiply the information downloaded from the Website unless otherwise specified;

7.2.3. delete or modify our trademarks and information contained in the Website and associated materials;

7.2.4. detach any part of the Website, copy it or upload it to any other address than where it was originally placed;

7.2.5. modify the functioning of the Website and introduce any technical changes therein.



8.1. This Terms and Conditions are binding from the day of its publication of the Website.

8.2. We may amend this Terms and Conditions at any time.

8.3. The amendment thereof within the term of a contract for the provision of the Services is binding if results from:

8.3.1. the necessity to protect User`s or third parties` rights;

8.3.2. the necessity to protect our copyrights;

8.3.3. a material modification of the functioning of the Website introduced for the improvement of the provision of Services.

8.4. Any amendments thereof will be communicated by the publication of the Website. Unless otherwise provided, any amendments will become binding in 14 days after their publication.

8.5. Any amendments will be deemed accepted unless User submits a termination notice in 14 days deadline upon their publication.

8.6. To submit a termination notice, please send it to our email address:  info@translatorofpolish.com. After that it will not be possible to further enjoy our services.

8.7. Your rights arising thereof may be transferred onto a third party upon our written consent.

8.8. This Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of User`s domicile.

8.9. Any disputes arising in connection thereto will be settled by a public, generally competent court.

8.10. Unless we otherwise agree with you, we will keep the contents of orders confidential, ensure your anonymity and will not disclose your data to any third party.