Dear User,
This document is the Privacy Policy of the translatorofpolish.com website hereinafter referred to as the Website, available at www.translatorofpolish.com . The Website is run by Tłumacz Przysięgły Języka Angielskiego – Tomasz Ratajczyk, with its headquarters in Wrocław, Poland, ul. Rodzynkowa 14/7, 54-054, having his NIP (Tax. Id. No.): 8971737457 and REGON (Statistical Id. No.): 367669782 hereinafter referred to as the Administrator.
We are taking care of your privacy and we want you to feel comfortable while using our services. That is why we want to provide you with the most important information about the rules of our processing of your personal information and cookie files used by our Website.

1. Personal Information and Privacy
1.1. If you are going to order the quote of our services or set up User`s account and use our services, you will be asked to provide your personal information. It is voluntary but it is also required in order to use our services due to their specificity. The Administrator of your personal information is the Administrator.
1.2. Your personal information is processed by us for the purposes related to the running of the Website, completion of orders and – if you agree – also for marketing. If you grant your approval, you will be informed about our special offers via the email address and/or telephone number you had provided. Please remember that you can always withdraw your approval for the processing of your personal information for marketing by simply notifying us.
1.3. You can always review and modify your personal information.
1.4. If you post a comment, its contents and your name or nickname may be published on the Website. The same applies to other pieces of information posted in the Website. We do not disclose your email address to other users unless you do it yourself.
1.5. For the processing of your personal information we apply organisational and technical measures compliant with the Polish law.
1.6. The information about the processing of your personal information may be also found in our terms and conditions.

2. Cookies
2.1. Our Website, as the majority of websites, uses the so-called cookies files. These are small files saved in your device (computer, smartphone, etc.) to i.a. enable you to enjoy the full functionality of the Website. Cookie files do not change your device`s settings. You can always delete them by the use of relevant options in your internet browser. You can also use these options also to block the future usage of cookies.
2.2. Cookie files are used by the Website for the following purposes:
• to save information about your session;
• statistical;
• marketing;
• to make all the functionalities of the Website available to you.
2.3. Please use the help guide of your browser to find out more about cookies management and how to switch them off in your browser. You will access the guide by hitting the F1 key on your keyboard. You may also find certain tips at the following addresses applicable accordingly for your particular browser:
Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge
2.4. You may learn more about the cookies at Wikipedia.

3. External Services
3.1. Payments at our Website are made by:
• PayPal,
• PayU.
3.2. Some of your information may be forwarded to the provider of payment solutions in order to facilitate the correct payment. Such provider shall also receive the information pertaining to your bank account (e.g. name, address and account number) from your bank.
3.3. In order to ensure the best possible working of the Website is has been integrated with the service that analyses your traffic at the Website. We use this service for statistical purposes which helps us to make the Website more users friendly. You will find out more about the Google Analytics privacy policy, which we use, at:
3.4. Our Website is also integrated with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter marketing services.

4. Contact the Administrator
4.1. If you want to use your rights relating to your personal information or just want to ask us something in connection to our Privacy Policy, just drop us an email at: info@translatorofpolish.com.
4.2. Our postal address:
Tłumacz Przysięgły Języka Angielskiego – Tomasz Ratajczyk
ul. Rodzynkowa 14/7
54-054 Wrocław Poland